Performer Training

Led by Peter Rose

Performer with a Capital letter is a man of action. He is not somebody who plays another. He is a doer, a priest, a warrior. He is outside aesthetic genres. Ritual is performance, an accomplished action, an act. Performer is a state of being. To performer, knowledge stands as duty and knowledge is a matter of doing.
Jerzy Grotowski

(Photos by Martyna Bec)

Performer Training with Peter Rose is a weekly ongoing three hour work stream for body and voice. The work streams have been meeting regularly since 2006. Some participants have been working continuously since that time while others may have participated for two years to six months. New participants can enter at any time with a commitment for one month.

Performing Training offers the conditions for ‘work on oneself’ with the necessary emphasis on presence, breathe, awareness/consciousness, stamina and strength as a means to carry on that search in the workspace.

Discovery of one’s own voice through body movement/action is an essential element of this work-on the way to integrating one’s true voice in the organic life of the body. This can be a gateway to an individual’s inner life, an awakening of soul power and the creative/spiritual powers within.

Performer Training is open to anyone (performers, actors, dancers, and non-professionals) prepared to make the commitment to begin for one month: One does the work fully conscious of the demands and challenges of participating fully having met with Peter Rose prior to beginning the work.

The Work

Barefoot. On the back.

Rhythm and circulation of breath. Emptying the cackling head in the body. Engaged relaxation, meeting the floor, eyes open, waking in time and over time, seeing the work space, seeing the others.

The dynamic of give and take begins. The body meets itself by establishing its presence in the workspace and in direct contact with others.
An energy is generated through dynamic movement of the body, natural breathing, moving out, knowing the floor, exploring the room and everything in it.

Much is possible in this energized state. Doing and reacting. To prance, gallop, take flight. The energy is a springboard in search of that which is personal or private while maintaining contact through give and take, present and conscious. The associations flow when you are engaged with commitment, working with your whole self.

Practice and Thematic

  • Creating Working Conditions - Physical and Vocal Training
  • “Give and Take”- The Partner - Work on Texts and Songs
  • Engaged with Conviction - Toward Performance

The physical and vocal training is grounded in Stanislawski’s perception of the organic basis of all physical actions and Grotowski’s practice of unblocking the body resonators on the way to finding one’s voice.


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Peter Rose

Peter Rose

Peter Rose, the artistic director of Practical Works, received the Shining Star award as one of the pioneering founders of Performance Space 122, at its thirtieth anniversary celebration in New York City in 2011.