Main Street – Performance

peter-rose-annamaria-faraoneMain Street

a performance by Practical Works Performer Ensemble

with Peter Rose, Annamaria Faraone, Barbara Smilowska, Akira Ando (contrabass), Yatsiv Caspi (Tablas).



Directed by Peter Rose
Texts: Peter Rose, Falud, Edward Albee, Dacia Maraini, Camille Claudel.
Songs: French traditional, Chassidic traditional, Noah Shapiro

Peter Rose on MAIN STREET

peter-rose-ladderThe performance action takes place in the fertile and perilous river flow of LIFE on the street. Three lives on the edges of poverty, genius and madness. Hunger artists, homeless con-artists inspired by their own desperation and burning the last cinders of belief. The performers live in revulsion for the way life is and yet ripe still for revelation through self-discovery: to find one self and to unveil one’s truth.

The performers circulate in the currents of horror and hilarity buoyed by the river’s run on MAIN ST. It is the pulse of the living spirit they seek, alive in each one, coming to life in the performance action.

Rose’s 1999 text “MAIN ST:” catalyzes the dramatic/comedic action. His story is a meditation on bi-polar disorder and the manic episode he experienced in Santa Monica, California in 1989 as he was performing his solo “Berlin Zoo” to sold out houses in a performance vigil which lasted until the Wall fell in November of that year. Basia Smilowska is the homeless con-artist, gambler, stalker. She seeks salvation in fits and turns of petty larceny, self-mockery and shimmering light. Annamaria Faraone stakes out her river atelier in the deep waters on MAIN ST. She rediscovers and creates the lives of Camille Claudel and August Rodin. She lives in the passionate, scary, erotic and tumultuous scenarios around the power struggle for artistic identity and sanity between Claudel and the Master.

MAIN ST. is a performance action in body and voice which dances and sings and intones the lives of Faraone, Smilowska and Rose. MAIN ST. both celebrates and ridicules our human folly, our “spiritual needs.”


Watch a trailer of 11th June 2011 performance at Unzeit Studio, Kreuzberg

(Thanks to Cecile Rossant and Sarah Feddersen)

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Peter Rose

Peter Rose

Peter Rose, the artistic director of Practical Works, received the Shining Star award as one of the pioneering founders of Performance Space 122, at its thirtieth anniversary celebration in New York City in 2011.