Loyaltown, USA! 1984

Loyaltown, USA! 1984Loyaltown, USA! 1984"Loyaltown, USA!" is a performance of monologues, movement and song which give childhood rites of passage the immediacy of feeling connected to ritual.

Autobiographisches Kindheitserinnerungen jetzt - teilweise durch die Augen des damals Neunjährigen: einen Basketball trainer wahrend eines Turniers zum Wahnsinn treiben, der Leistungshorror und der Druck, gleich zu sein in Ferienlagern, seine Lehrer in der jüdischen Schule, dann Theater....Theater? Business, Produzenten und Regisseure.


1984 Performance Space 122, New York City
1986 Insititute for Contemporary Art, Boston

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Peter Rose's "Loyaltown" sparkles as it disarms"
"LOYALTOWN, USA!" Institute of Contemporary Art
Review/Performance by John Engstrom
Boston Globe, January 22, 1985

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Peter Rose

Peter Rose

Peter Rose, the artistic director of Practical Works, received the Shining Star award as one of the pioneering founders of Performance Space 122, at its thirtieth anniversary celebration in New York City in 2011.