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For Thirty Years Berlin Zoo by Peter Rose 1983 - 2013


Practical Works Presents

“What is now true was once only imagined.”

Peter Rose reads his performance text, Berlin Zoo.


Sunday, November 10th, 2013,


doors open at 19:00,

event from 20:00 to 24:00


Moviento Studio 

Zillestr. 69, 10585 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Suggested Contribution 10€    Drinks & Buffet


On November 12th, 1989, the critically acclaimed Los Angeles run of Peter Rose’s Berlin Zoo, closed at the Powerhouse Theater in Santa Monica, California. On the same week-end, across the Atlantic, the Iron Curtain opened in Berlin. Coincidentally, or perhaps prophetically, part of Peter’s fantasy in Berlin Zoo had become reality. In fact, maybe his play played a small part in the wall coming down, who knows. “What is now true was once only imagined”, as William Blake wrote.

Debuting in New York in 1983, Berlin Zoo details the manic escapades and wild fantasies of a moody young American Jew in West Berlin in the early 1980’s. One of the wildest fantasies this Dostoyevskian underground man has, at least at that time, is the unification of Europe and the crumbling of the Berlin Wall. This was, of course, before the wall came down, surprising everyone.

The play’s timeliness is only part of its interest. There is a powerful, highly inventive performance at its center, a poetic text, and a theme that is not bound to a particular time or place. As Jan Breslauer wrote for the LA WEEKLY: “Peter Rose’s Berlin Zoo succeeds at meshing the personal with the political. His is an athletic solo born of inner turmoil, less one man’s journey than a meditation on the role of boundaries and limitations in all our lives”.

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(photo credits: John Faulk, Paula Cort)

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Peter Rose

Peter Rose

Peter Rose, the artistic director of Practical Works, received the Shining Star award as one of the pioneering founders of Performance Space 122, at its thirtieth anniversary celebration in New York City in 2011.