Circle of Friends

Practical Works 2011-2012

first-page-booklet-smallPeter Rose/Practical Works is committed to creating the conditions in which a human-being can truly act, with one’s whole self, fulfilling his individual creative potential. We develop the tools for creative and spiritual practice and this process is a life-long challenge to our humanity and capacity to grow. Practical Works entered 2011 by way of the Circle of Friends Benefit, December 11, 2010 at Institut Unzeit Studio, Kreuzberg. Our final performance at Studio Unzeit was on June 6, 2011.

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Unzeit Studio

Circle of Friends

Christina von Mickwitz, Volkmar Hedicke, Jim & Ann Terleph, David Solomon, Ken Wahl, Ruth Rose, Eleanor Rose, Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, Barbara Hilterman, Christian Jaletzke, Feddersen Family, Jens Irrgang, Marta Steiner, Markus Ghazi, Nanni Derichsweiler, Mario Rädenstock, Phil Hill, Peter Smilowski, Rachel Lee, Raffaella Sole, Peter Massine, Eckhard Bäzner, Norbert Marks, Sonja Appel, Thomas Mehlhausen, Christian Niemitz, Marylou Selo, Silvia Nagel, Dorothea Michalzik.



Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq & Kenny Martin in concert at Unzeit Studio – March 2011

Active in 2011

Akira Ando, Annamaria Faraone, Cecile Rossant, Sarah Feddersen, Basia Smilowska, Phil Hill, Harald Degler, Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, Kenny Martin, Max Hughes, Rolf Zielke, Martyna Bec, Irene Carlevale, Lenjes Duke Robinson, Yatziv Caspi, Max Berthold, Maria Hütten, Angelo Santo Venerito.



New Students 2012

Marina Steiner, Irene Carlevale, Sergej Czepurnyi, Frithjof Klepp, Helena Kladen, Lidija Andonov.








Contributions accepted for Peter Rose Practical Works in North America and Europe

in Europe:

Berliner Sparkasse Konto.Nr.: 6017147348 BLZ: 100 500 00


in North America:

Hingham Institute for Savings

Routing number: 211370370 Account number: 23150818

Review Grotowski Year


Awakening Pratice - Grotowski Year 2009

See our impressions of the Grotowski year 2009 in our colorful pdf-file.

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Peter Rose

Peter Rose

Peter Rose, the artistic director of Practical Works, received the Shining Star award as one of the pioneering founders of Performance Space 122, at its thirtieth anniversary celebration in New York City in 2011.